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#FREE Trading Results - The Living Proof

forex trading system-

best forex trading system ever Turn $1000 Into $25,220 ... In Just 4 Months!

"Don't Take our Word For it - Here's the ABSOLOUTE, UNDENIABLE PROOF!"

When we launched "The Best Intraday Forex Trading System EVER" in 2004

"Read on and see how one man turned $1000 into nearly $14000 - without
picking up a phone, writing a letter or going out his front door",

... we knew that we were offering the very best and after several full
years of day-after-day usage by clients we can now say that thousands
of real users now know that to be true as well; Forex-Uncovered's "The
Best Intraday Forex Trading System EVER" continues to consistently
out-perform every other system bar none.

What's More - RESULTS remain consistent

In celebration of the amazing consistency we achieve, we have upgraded
our package at NO additional cost to include a 3 month day-by-day
trading diary detailed step-by-step video format.


Each day is presented as a detailed video run-thru, each of which can
be fully back-checked using the historical display available in most
charting software. See the proof first hand, confirm the validity of
our results and mirror our success - just look at these results:-

Winning Trades
Losing Trades
Win %
Largest Win
Largest Loss

Sept 25th

+ $1070

Oct 2006

+ $1200
- $600

Nov 2006

+ $1500
- $500

Dec 22nd

+ $1380
- $300




These results are all from trading just a single lot on the GBPUSD
currency pair - equivalent to a trading bank of just $1000 using the
standard 100x leverage with level stakes. This is aggressive trading at
it's maximum but when you appreciate the consistency of the mechanical
entries and exits detailed in our system you will have the confidence
to push trading to it's limits.

If you work from home, or would like to start forex trading ... then
you need to be trading to achieve maximum return on the dollar. There
is absolutely nothing to compare with real time trading the foreign
exchange markets using "The Best Intraday Forex Trading System EVER" to
turbo charge your monthly income and all starting with as little as
$1000 in trading capital.

Finally! A Simple, Downloadable, Video Based Tutorial Training System
That Teaches
You Step-By-Step How To Make Massive Profits Trading The Largest Market
In The World

"Imagine a Market Where You Can Buy a Dollar for Just One Cent Down."

Sounds mad doesn't it? but dealers will actually let you buy dollars
for as little as a penny a time, and the supply is almost limitless at
that price.

What you'll be reading over the next few minutes will change your ideas
completely over what it takes to make very substantial profits in
today's world. This is real, genuine, happening every day of the week
and there has never, ever been a better time to start.

Read on to find out how one man turned $1000 into nearly $14000 -
without picking up a phone, writing a letter or going out his front

Why a Very Small Percentage of a Very Big Market Can Make You a Very
Large Profit

The global forex market is the sum of all the money that travels
between all of the countries of the world every day - around $2
TRILLION of it. "Hard cash" is required at the close of every deal.

Just like any other product, the price of money can go up and down
according to demand. Since 1997 the market has been opened up and
leveraged so that now everyone can get involved - with as little as
$200 - $300 down. Even that $200 now has massive buying power - up to
$20,000 or even more. In fact, the leverage (trading multiple) allowed
in forex is bigger than in any other market - up to 200:1, compared
with 8 to 10:1 for futures and a miserly 2:1 for equities.

If that thought has started to peak your interest let's start to look
at the actual process involved in making that kind of profit on a
regular basis.

It really is that easy but...

Having read all that you're almost certainly thinking, "Well, if it's
that easy why isn't everyone doing it?".

It's a good question and the short and snappy answer is that the number
of ordinary people like you or I trading the forex market is rising
very rapidly each year, and it's not hard to see why. Let's look at
just some of the reasons:-

You can make just as much profit on a currency going down as going up
in value. Try that trick on your equity portfolio

There are no extra commission costs involved such as those with
futures. It's just one narrow spread paid automatically on one side of
each trade

Because of the immense market size you are virtually guaranteed to get
a virtually instantaneous fill on your trades - no more waiting for
someone to take that stock or option off your hands

Trading is carried out over the internet - however and wherever you
like - so...

... no more ringing up harassed brokers to place your business (unless
you want to, of course).

The market trades 24 hours a day through the week, Monday to Friday.
Tokyo to London to New York - the sun never sets on the forex market.
You can trade in the morning, afternoon or evening, whatever suits you.
And you can trade full or part time - forex can fit in with you rather
than you having to work around particular exchange opening hours

The market moves in forex tend to be strong and long lasting, unlike
many in the index futures markets which can often be hesitant and short

The main forex brokers offer guaranteed entries and exits on stops and
limits. That means the numbers you feed into the system will be the
numbers actually traded, without the `slippage' so often seen in
futures trading
The markets themselves are very simple. There are just four
main traded currency pairs - the `majors' - making up the bulk of the
market so it's nothing like the mammoth task involved in studying the
40,000 or so stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, for example. Forex
might be very big, but it's also very simple. Think of it as being the
supertanker of traded markets

Grant Andrews says:

"Wow, this is dynamite stuff and people are really going to benefit in
a big way. I sure wish I had this easy-to-follow training material a
year ago when I first gave Forex trading a go...

It would have saved me a small fortune, not to mention a few less gray

Needless to say I am Very Happy to have access to this material."

Are there any disadvantages?

Only one comes readily to mind and that's to do with the leverage
already mentioned. In fact, the 100:1, and even 200:1, leverage that's
offered is the extreme that traders are allowed to work with - it's
useful to have it there but a much more realistic limit to work to is
20:1 or 30:1. Excellent profits can still be made but without the
downside risks if sudden reversals occur.

To those of you used to holding stocks for weeks and months at a time,
with all the additional risk that entails, day trading forex will come
as a refreshing change. Most times you will be in and out of trades in
the same day, happy to go to bed at night knowing you're not carrying
forward any risk.

It's the ultimate very quick profit market.

Why is it then that around 90% of all the people who ever start trading
forex lose money and end up leaving the business? Answer - they make
the wrong trading decisions.

"So", I hear you say, "it's just a buy or sell decision each time and
still 90% of people get it wrong?". Yep, that's about it. The majority
of people entering this very simple business get it completely wrong
and end up flat on their faces.

Which is a terrible shame because it's really straightforward to get it
so right. All it takes is direction...

How to join the successful 10%

To be successful in anything you need to be coached by someone who:-

Knows what they're talking about AND
Is a real winner at it

Someone who walks the walk as well as talking the talk.

Excellence in trading forex has one very simple measure of success -
profitability. Take a look at these numbers:-

Net Profit
US$ Profit
Bank $1000

















































Yes, that is a profit of more than $12000 on an opening bank of $1000
in just one year and, even more amazingly, it came from trading just
one currency pair.

$12000 on an Opening Bank of $1000

They're the results for just one of the trading methods used by the
author of our brand new five part, all-in-one, no-holds-barred,
guts-and-all video series on "How To Make Massive Profits in the
Largest Market in the World!".

He's the real deal - a big money, professional forex day trader who
trades both his own and client accounts. He's been involved in the
business for years and has seen the market in all its forms and he's
convinced that the current forex market is about as tradable as it's
ever been, with big profits being made daily.

Volatility is the lifeblood of intraday trading - if there's no moves,
there's no money - so the current increase in speculative trading is
most definitely a good thing.

Take a look at the figures for last year and you'll see how the spring
was a particularly worthwhile period for trading and this year is
developing a similar pattern. If you've got any interest at all in
starting to trade forex then right now is about as good a time as
you're going to get.

The market's right, the timing's right; all that's needed now is the
right training to get you going in the right direction - to join the
10% of traders who make serious money in this business.

Showing you everything - the real deal

The best wouldn't actually want to show you how - until now...

There's a flourishing business in providing training seminars for
trading the forex markets. It's a very profitable business to be in -
admission fees are usually anywhere between $1000 and $5000 - but the
simple truth is that if you're that successful a trader, you won't want
to be taking days out of the week training others. It costs a good
trader money rather than making it!

That's the big problem we had with our author - he trades the forex
markets very actively for five days of the week and then spends the
weekend away from everything. He certainly didn't want to get involved
in flying around the world pressing the flesh when each session would
probably mean a whole week away from the markets.

So, we took a long hard look at exactly what individuals would really
need to make a successful start and to keep them going at that same
level of success for months and years after. Seminars are great but
nearly everyone suffers the same kind of after effect - enormous
enthusiasm for the first week after and then a rapid rundown in
effectiveness after that. Doesn't matter what kind of meeting you go to
the falloff afterwards always tends to be the same.

We needed something that users could refer to whenever they wanted, but
which still had all the immediacy and involvement of a real meeting. It
had to offer all the detail required but not just be a mass of words -
after all, trading is a very visual experience and words and still
pictures alone just can't do it justice. Finally, it had to inspire and
direct right where and when you were actually trading.

The answer was to bring together all of the latest presentational
technologies into a Simple, Downloadable, Video-Based Tutorial Training
System that Teaches You Step-By-Step How To Make Massive Profits in the
Largest Market in the World!"

Darrin certainly agrees!

"I have been trading for 1 1/2 years now, and made ALL the mistakes
that can be made in the learning curve process.

I have had success and complete devastating failure.

The Forex Uncovered videos in my opinion are excellent for both the
novice and the more advanced trader.

I have learned new techniques from watching the videos and can
recommend them to anybody.

The bottom line always is to make a profit and keep the profit.

With the tools laid out in the videos it makes tipping the odds of a
50/50 chance to have a successful trade turned into your favor and for
this I am more than happy to use the information given that has been
born of the Forex Uncovered creator's experience making money in the
forex market.

Learning from a winner in the market is more profitable and desirable
than learning from lost trades!"

Darrin M.

How to Start Making Profits From Day One

Working alongside our Head Trader we've put together a truly awesome
set of videos showing you EXACTLY how to make profits from your very
first day of trading.

And remember, this is the real deal, put together by a true
professional at his business who's seen it all, done most of it, and
come out of the other side with a profitable grin on his face!

The videos have been prepared using a variety of the latest
technologies to maximize your rapid uptake and understanding of the
detail and techniques involved. We start the series with all the usual
stuff about choosing your broker and getting your account set up but
even here we offer you the guidance that you really do need to make a
successful start:-

Video #1

Your 24 Hour Start

Where and how to look for the best brokers (this can take just seconds)
What makes a good broker and a not-so-good one (at the extreme this can
make the difference between profit and loss)
Once you've made an initial selection why you should always make at
least one phone call and the answers you must receive
The usual on-line paperwork you'll have to go through when opening an
account (it's mercifully short and can be completed in minutes)
The best kind of account to open to start your trading (get this right
and you can be profitable in your first week, get it wrong and you
could be waiting months)

Then we look at THE two most important contributors to really
successful trading:-


Money Management And Psychology

The First Week, the First Month, the First Quarter - the Three Stages
To Success you MUST go through to ensure lifelong trading profits
How big an account to start with
How to split your trading bank up for maximum success
How money management can affect your profitability far more than
getting the trade right (yes, it is actually more important!)
Making two dollars from one - how the right money management method can
super boost your profits even further
The 5 most successful money management techniques
Full worked examples of each of the 5 methods
Which method to use for which type of trade

In the third video we cover the markets themselves. There are dozens of
currencies and hundreds of currency pairs so which should you trade?:-

Video #3

What And How To Trade

>> The single most successful currency pair to trade (hint: it's not
the biggest one!)
>> A typical trading day and month
>> The 3 most important times in the trading day (you can major on
these if you only want to spend minutes a day on your trading)
>> The News Trade - it's the most successful type of trade there is and
the brokers hate it but we show you a method which is every bit as
successful and which causes the brokers no problems at all
>> How the changing character of the market can affect your trading and
how to maximize your advantage - knowing this alone will put you ahead
of at least 90% of the other traders!
>> What it means when Greenspan gets up to speak - and the other market
moving events to watch out for

Then we get your trading platform in order:-

Video #4

The Ideal Set Up

>> The ideal set up
>> The Big 5 indicators and the exact settings to use (this info alone
is worth many thousands - even the most expensive seminars won't teach
you this)
>> How to get everything working exactly right before you risk a penny

Finally, and our Head Trader hated us calling it this but we've never
seen a more profitable technique:-

Video #5

The One Secret He Really Didn't Want To Give Away

>> The Most Successful Intraday Forex Trading Method Ever

A Very, Very Special Offer

Having decided to do this it was only towards the end that we actually
thought about how much it should cost. Before you laugh that's actually
true and no, that's not our usual approach!

In fact, it's almost impossible to put a price to this series because
it represents not just one person's years of real, practical
profit-making experience but a content which is just light years ahead
of anything else we've seen.

If seminars with much less real, usable content are well attended at
$5000 a time should that be the cost? If we were being very greedy then
yes, but we're not. To be honest we really hadn't got a clue so we
decided to go with a number that all serious people could afford, but
which wouldn't be a stop sign to those who still needed to be
convinced. We've therefore decided to offer an early bird bonus for a
limited period and have priced this whole set of latest technology
videos at an irresistible $197.00

All purchases come with FREE access to our Trading Help Center - Which
is packed full of trading example and additional profit generation

These added is vitally important as these tutorials will become your
trading mentor, plus if there are major shifts in market
characteristics that you need to know about we will update you
accordingly via our weekly updates

.However, that really is silly cheap so the super reduced price will be
available for a limited period only! Do not miss this multiple income

Charles is over the moon!

"The Forex video-tutorials on offer are unique, simple, practical and
very easy to understand.
I learned how to trade Forex in just 5 days, 20 minutes a day. I have
never experience that before. Thanks for creating this opportunity."

Charles Nojodikromo - CEO BungaDwaja


This really is as good as it gets

Entry to the largest traded market in the world
Full and detailed guidance on getting your account opened
Very full and easy to understand instructions on money
management using truly innovative techniques to boost your earnings
Learning the will to win - sometimes the profits you make will
cause you to step back, "Surely it can't be this easy?". We'll show you
how to overcome your own limits
Understanding the market in all its forms - learn a
professional's insight in just minutes rather than years
Exactly which currencies to trade and EXACTLY how to trade
them for maximum returns

Quite literally everything you'll ever need to be a life long success
trading forex, and YES the results are consistent, here are the latest
for 2006...

Winning Trades
Losing Trades
Win %
Largest Win
Largest Loss

Sept 25th

+ $1070

Oct 2006

+ $1200
- $600

Nov 2006

+ $1500
- $500

Dec 22nd

+ $1380
- $300




These results are all from trading just a single lot on the GBPUSD
currency pair - equivalent to a trading bank of just $1000 using the
standard 100x leverage with level stakes. This is aggressive trading at
it's maximum but when you appreciate the consistency of the mechanical
entries and exits detailed in our system you will have the confidence
to push trading to it's limits.

If you work from home, or would like to start, then you need to be
trading to achieve maximum return on the dollar. There is absolutely
nothing to compare with real time trading the foreign exchange markets
using "The Best Intraday Forex Trading System EVER" to turbo charge
your monthly income and all starting with as little as $1000 in trading

What's More,

This system has performed consistently for many years and remains as
successful today January 22, 2008 as the day it was first traded. Don't
take our word for it, our Members are more than happy to offer their
opinions for your review:

I would like to thank you for this system you have out there which
teaches the best system I have come across as it has really changed the
way I trade and look at trading.

I am currently experiencing an average 70% success rate overall each
month and I have only been trading for 6months. There are a lot of
different systems out there and most cost in the thousands to learn by
taking the courses but your system is awesome, easy to learn and comes
at a ridiculously cheap cost.

Thanks again

Simon Jabbour
Sydney, Australia.

The Forex-Uncovered Intraday Trading System has its weaknesses... but
they are small and relate to choppy market conditions. The strengths
are what make you money, lots of money, if you are disciplined and obey
the rules. It takes time to learn them, but the rules are the key to
winning often and winning big. I don't know how many times I have
emotionally given up on a trade, thinking it had reversed, only to have
the system keep me in for another run. Some of these runs can be 150+
pips on good trending days. But you only get them when you use the
system and stake properly.
One of the beauties of this system is that you can start small with a
few hundred dollars and trade micro lots. This builds your confidence
without risking the farm while proving the reality of the system,
seeing the dollars consistently build on your small account.
This is by far the most consistent and best money making FOREX system I
have tried to date. The support is even better than the system : )
Prompt replies to email, helpful tips and lots of encouragement.
The greatest hindrance to this system is me. I can only use it part
time at present as a very busy husband, father, bi-vocational pastor,
HVAC technician.
Hannibal Mo. USA

If you wish to read more customer Testimonials Click Here, otherwise
take advantage of a very special offer.



Order The Best Intraday Forex Trading System EVER today and start

Plus... A very Special Deal - that same $197 includes LIFETIME FREE
access to The Download and Help Center, private members area...

Order this blueprint to trading success today and receive LIFETIME FREE
access to The Trading Help Center, private members area packed full of
examples and profit generation gems - invaluable to the novice and of
additional benefit to the experienced trader who wants to add new
techniques and fine tune existing strategies.


Order Today For Only $197
Plus FREE access to The Trading Help Center





Part of the course is a downloadable PDF document - If you do not have
the PDF viewer you can download this free viewer from our download page
after your purchase.

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading
Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but
also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be
willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options
markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This is
neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No
representation is being made that any account will or is likely to
achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site.
The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not
necessarily indicative of future results.


*Depending upon state and country laws - always seek professional tax

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